Townsville’s first capped rental property management. Never pay more than $1995 per year!

Fixed Fee Rental

Grow Real Estate offers Townsville’s first capped and all inclusive property management fee’s.

This means guaranteed higher returns and the security of knowing exactly how much you will be paying for the effective and best management of your property.

Operating in all suburbs of Townsville, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

How much are you paying for Property Management?

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The above is calculated based on Management Fee + GST + Administration Fee of $520 p/a and Lease Renewal Fee of 50%. (Industry Average)

About our fixed fee rental
With our capped and all inclusive fee, you will know exactly how much you will be paying for property management every week of the year; there will be no surprises! Strategise with our property managers to maximise your income and budget your rental return accurately and efficiently. Most people don’t realise that it takes roughly the same time for a property manager to manage a $400/week property as it does a $500/week property. So why pay more?

About Us

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Why Choose Us?
Our capped fee has been designed to simplify the property management process. Why pay more in management fees based on how much rent your property collects?! Our capped fee provides a clean and simple way for investors to account for the expenses on their rental property and take full advantage of their return.

We have strategised to ensure that our capped price is still competitive within the market and that it also offers maximum value for money. We perform the same tasks as other rental agencies but instead of applying all of these extra charges, you have the benefit of knowing what you will be paying; no surprises! We are selective with our properties ensuring we work with the best investors Townsville has; those that understand their investment and see us as their partner to increase their property return and protect their most valuable asset.

Our experience working with investors, and also as investors ourselves, ensures we understand the benefit of being able to account for all expenses with no shocks and no hidden fees.

At Grow Real Estate we are all about transparency, accountability and most of all, service.